The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

I love an animated talk! Doesn’t it just bring alive the information, make sense of it, allow it to reach our brains in a whole extra way. Remember how Birdwhistell did that research which showed that we only take 7% of our meaning in a piece of communication from the WORDS someone says (Kinesics and Context 1970)? We’re always using all our senses to understand things, so receiving things visually as well as with words makes it all easier for our brains to understand.

This talk by  Dan Pink, an author who writes about the changing workplace, is animated with a brilliant graphic by the RSA. It takes you through the reasons why monetary incentives rarely work, particularly at work. Yes we need to be properly paid for our work but payment by results just doesn’t work the way you’d think it would

The Surprising Thing About What Motivates Us

So, how does motivation work in your workplace? And are you using the tools of Purpose and self-directionP1020131