Resilience for Health and Wellbeing

If you have employees who are regularly absent through ill health or who are on long-term sick leave the chances are that we can teach them how to be well. This saves you money and allows them to get their life back.

This course teaches the tools you need to allow the mind to influence the body in a whole new way. You will learn how to calm down the stress response and re-balance your life.

Long-term activation of the stress response has a detrimental effect on other body systems such as immune, muscle and digestive systems. This can lead to chronic, often unexplained symptoms. It may arise in response to a virus, an operation, an accident or a significant life event

We see people with all sorts of conditions including migraine, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic pain

This training quickly teaches you – as long as you feel ready to learn – how to deal with stress much more easily; how to increase  wellness and resilience; and to enjoy life and work much more

Testimonials Resilience for Health and Wellbeing

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